About the event


The period of the last 30 years has been extremely intense for Polish agriculture. It resulted in dynamic economic and technological development. The conditions related to the food production process have improved significantly, and at the same time it has been possible to maintain what is most important – its wholesomeness and quality. Today, Polish agriculture is known and appreciated not only in Europe, but also around the world.

We are facing new challenges, which include both the development of agriculture and rural areas. The key directions of changes in European agriculture have been included in the European Green Deal. Therefore, there are many questions about the implementation of the long-term goals of the European Union in this area, which is why Grupa MTP, in cooperation with the Program Council, which includes former ministers of agriculture, undertook to organise an international event called 'Polska Wieś XXI – European Forum for Innovative Solutions for Agriculture and Rural Areas'. The aim of the forum is to present solutions related to the production of safe food and opportunities related to actions to mitigate climate change.

The main goal of the Congress is to present specific solutions and examples showing that agriculture and rural areas are not only a place of production and supply of safe food. It is also an important sector of the economy that actively participates in actions to mitigate climate change and supports energy security.

The Congress aims to develop solutions and recommendations for the Polish administration and the institutions of the European Union.

The first Congress 'Polska Wieś XXI – European Congress of Innovative Solutions for Rural Areas and Agriculture' was a success. It was attended by 460 people involved in the development of the Polish rural areas. It was a time of inspiring and substantive discussions, exchange of experiences and opinions. A number of conclusions, new solutions and recommendations were developed. Its second edition will take place on 19-20 April 2023 in Warsaw.