Thematic scope


During the first edition of the Polska Wieś XXI European Congress of Innovative Solutions for Rural Areas and Agriculture, during a series of discussion panels, it was possible to address the key problems faced by the inhabitants of rural areas and agriculture, as well as to indicate possible directions for solving them both at the level of national administration and European Union.

Food Security

This aspect has become particularly important recently, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and war in Ukraine. These two events completely changed the approach to food security understood both in terms of food availability and affordability. Its affordability is becoming a growing problem for an increasing proportion of the population.

Energy security

The functioning of the Polish and EU economies, to date mainly based on fossil fuels acquired mainly from the Russian Federation, has forced us all to take quick, decisive and effective steps to diversify the sources of their production and origin. We are currently at a turning point in the energy transformation. This is a huge challenge, especially in the short term, but also an opportunity to establish permanent functioning mechanisms and effectively implement the widespread use of renewable energy sources (RES). We mean both energy from wind, sun, water and by-products from the agri-food sector. Biogas plants in rural areas, in addition to the source of energy diversification, are an opportunity to increase income for the agricultural sector and its innovation, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. As a consequence, this will allow for the production of low- or zero-emission meat and a full-value, multi-component organic fertilizer in the form of digestate. All this will contribute to specific actions regarding care for the climate and the environment, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of Polish agriculture and rural areas.


During the second edition of the Polska Wieś XXI Congress, the following topics will also be discussed:


European Convention of Young Farmers – agriculture and rural areas from the point of view of the young generation of farmers and inhabitants of rural areas
Financing investments in the field of food and energy security
Financial support for agriculture from public funds at the beginning of the implementation of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) of the Common Agricultural Policy for 2023-2027
Problems and challenges of modern agriculture in terms of proper soil and water management
Reduction of the carbon footprint in agriculture
Agricultural insurance as an effective farm risk management system
Modern models of agriculture in Europe and in the world – examples of good practices and initiatives to be applied in Polish realities
Precision agriculture
EU and national quality schemes as an instrument for increasing the added value of agricultural production for the farmer and consumer, as well as a promotion tool
Socio-cultural policy for rural areas
Health policy in rural areas
Educational policy in rural areas – new directions
Improvement of farmers' image and the importance of their work – inauguration of the social campaign

Next topics in preparation.